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I am a teacher and a writer. Since I was a young student, I have aided others in test preparation. I have taught various ages from preschool to seniors, including elementary school students for a couple of years.


Having prepared candidates for twenty-one years to succeed on national collegiate entrance tests, I am now focused on preparing others to succeed on the entrance test to Heaven. I want to be prepared if there is such a test. I have been given the book – the Bible. As it is in literary form, I need to focus on key verses of instruction.


In my books I reiterate the words of Christ. I am not a scholar of scripture but merely the compiler of what has been recorded. Taken from the gospels of the Bible, the commandments and their associated verses are in each of my two books. Using the form of easy-to-read listings, each of these books is designed as a reference tool for everyone in today’s fast-paced world.


Now that I have identified Christ’s forty commandments and listed them in these books, I try to live by them and wish to share them with you. These are not books you read only once. I still often re-read the content to deepen my own understanding of Christ’s message. Chapter by chapter you too will find verses that meet the needs of your day. Each book is a Bible resource you will reference throughout your lifetime. It is my prayer that Jesus Christ will bless all those touched by either of these two books.