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Christ’s 40 Commandments and Christ’s 40 Commandments for Use by Those in Ministry (Ministry book) are two very similar books.


When deciding which book(s) will be the more useful, there are four things to consider: 1) Inclusion of verse John 3:3, 2) Inclusion of note pages, 3) Cost, and 4) Reader’s persuasion.


  1. The Ministry book has all the verses of Christ’s 40 Commandments plus one extra verse. The added verse is Jn 3:3 (In the NIV Bible, John, Chapter 3, verse 3) which reads, “Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born again.’ ”

  3. The Ministry book has 43 blank numbered pages for notes in the back plus one page to write a Table of Contents for the reader’s notes.

  5. The ministry book costs a little more due to the extra pages.
    • Christ’s 40 Commandments sells for $19.95 (soft cover) and $35.95 (hard cover).
    • The Ministry book sells for $22.95 (soft cover) and $37.95 (hard cover).
    • Both books are available in e-book form for $3.99 each.


  6. The bodies of both books are the words of Jesus Christ and applicable to everyone. The front cover of the Ministry book targets those in any form of Ministry. The back cover of Christ’s 40 Commandments speaks more to the layman. (On this website, see tabs “HOME” and “BACK COVERS”)


It is with a prayer that whichever book you choose for you of others, the contents will be beneficial.